Q: Wait, hold on… Is cash4dreams.co.uk a joke?


To small minds, big things can be incomprehensible, so some people shrink them down till they are small enough for them to understand; the size of a simple joke for example.


If it helps you to think of Cash 4 Dreams in those terms, knock knock, who’s there? A cheque from Cash4Dreams.co.uk.


Q: My dreams are trash, surely they’re not worth anything?


Just because your dreams are worthless to you, doesn’t mean they will be to us.


Have a go, submit a dream and let one of our expert dream valueers appraise it and make an offer. You might be surprised.


Q: I can’t control my dreams, I’m worried about redreaming a dream I have accepted an offer for.


You’re right to be. Cash 4 Dreams always seek punitive damages for copyright infringement, so unauthorised redreaming will result in legal action.


If you are worried about redreaming, it’s better to let us know. For a small fee you can rent your dreams off us to allay any fears of litigation.


Remember, there’s no way to prove you haven’t had a dream.


Q: What happens to my dream after Cash 4 Dreams buys it?


Dreamstock purchased by Cash 4 Dreams is added to our large library of intellectual property which we leverage for profit in the creative and tech industries, either on a dream by dream rental basis with usage fees for anything bearing similarities to the dreams in our portfolio, or as thought starting inspiration for lucid content initiatives.


Our parent company, Bernet Tregaskis Ltd, hold unlimited rights to use, modify, reproduce, release, perform, display, disclose or resell dream commodities held by Cash 4 Dreams, in whole or in part, in any manner and for any reason they chose.


Don’t worry, our revenue protection team work hard to make sure your dreams stay safe and sound.


Q: How long does it take for my dream to be appraised?


Due to the huge amount of dreams we have submitted, unfortunately we can’t get back to everyone who submits a dream.


If you don’t hear back from us within five years from the date you submitted, it’s safe to say your dream wasn’t accepted.


Q: Wait, I received less than the amount my dream was appraised for?


That’s because we have to deduct costs for appraising and processing your dream and moving money. In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up owing us money after we buy a dream from you.


This is a business. Welcome to the real world.


Q: My dream was accepted, how long till I get paid for it?


See question above. It may be the case that you owe us money.

But if there is money left over after processing costs have been deducted, you may need to wait up and beyond 24 months to receive it.


Q: I recognise something from one of my dreams in a pop song, television commercial, documentary or TV show what should I do?


Report it to our revenue protection team immediately or you may be liable for damages.


Bernet Tregaskis